2024 State of Validation

Annual Validation Industry Survey and Report


2024 State of Validation

Thank you to all of our Survey Respondents for the 2024 State of Validation Survey. 

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PCI can help you develop high-performance teams and highly effective organizations. As one of the first with hands-on experience leading the implementation of Kneat Gx, we understand the requirements, challenges, and benefits of implementing an intelligent document management system throughout the appropriate junctures for maximum benefit to our clients.

No Deviation

Incorporated in 2007, No deviation is a patient-centric solution provider for the pharmaceutical industry. We are experts in engineering consultancy, commissioning, qualification and validation services, and regulatory quality/compliance in Asia and Europe.

No Design Group

Design Group is a fully integrated engineering, construction, automation, and compliance consulting firm serving the life science industry, providing regulatory services including Commissioning and Qualification, Computer System Validation, Quality Engineering & Auditing, and Kneat Implementation, Training, Subject Matter Expertise, & Process Mapping


Kneat Solutions is an end-to-end validation and quality data management company providing a compliant, cloud-based SaaS solution that digitizes the entire validation lifecycle, revolutionizing the speed, accuracy, intelligence, and transparency of validation management. . The Kneat Gx Platform offers solutions for all validation processes, streamlining validation for highly regulated industries around the world. Our customers include eight of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies and Fortune 500 companies.

About State of Validation

Validation Industry Insight

The State of Validation is an annual validation industry report, powered by Kneat Solutions, that aims to shed light on the practices, progression, and pitfalls of the validation industry globally. 

Independently authored by a leading academic researcher, State of Validation comprises a broad quantitative and qualitative primary market research study, conducted directly with validation professionals around the world.  

The study captures a snapshot of the forces impacting the validation industry and track trends over time. From technological and regulatory change to commercial and market influences, organizational change and strategy, professional development and more, the State of Validation studies are a comprehensive analysis of the validation industry.

The report aims to create an annual dataset to track the progression of the validation industry, enabling organizations and individuals to benchmark and grow.