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Validation Industry Insight

State of Validation is an annual validation industry study and report, powered by Kneat Solutions, that aims to shed light on the practices, progression, and pitfalls of the validation industry globally.

Independently authored by a leading Academic Researcher, State of Validation comprises a broad quantitative and qualitative primary market research study, conducted directly with validation professionals around the world.

The study aims to capture a snapshot of the forces impacting the validation industry every year and enable a longitudinal analysis over time, in years to come. From technological and regulatory change to commercial and market influences, organizational change and strategy, professional development and more, State of Validation studies a wide range of subjects.


Understand the forces impacting your industry and benchmark your validation program with the 2022 State of Validation.

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CAI offers integrated solutions that help clients achieve and maintain operational readiness. With offices worldwide, we have built an international team of over 800 professionals providing local support from a global company. Our engineering, technical, and consulting services are fashioned purposefully to develop a high level of performance and reliability. When operational readiness is critical, CAI helps deliver to a higher standard.


Deloitte is the global leader in professional services, including validation and compliance. Execute on a strategy with clear governance and resources to commercialize new business opportunities and technology by bringing new systems and capabilities into the organization.

Design Group

Design Group is comprised of an integrated team of technical professionals with extensive backgrounds in the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Device industries. We provide support with facility, process, automation, validation, and quality engineering. Founded in 1986, Design Group provides solutions ranging from conceptual planning and capital budgeting of future initiatives, to full service EPCMV (engineering, procurement, construction management, and validation) solutions. We are focused on delivering engineered solutions to your most challenging business needs.


As an ISO 9001 company, VEQTOR specializes in streamlining approaches to risk-based automation integration and testing, C&Q, and validation in the US and Ireland. Within each stage of a project’s lifecycle, VEQTOR’s services and solutions employ sustainable best practices while applying innovative science and forward thinking. VEQTOR prides itself in using current industry standards and regulations to achieve a positive impact on the performance of your business. Our quality policy represents our commitment to maintaining the highest class of work while reducing total project costs.


Kneat Gx is a SaaS Validation Life Cycle Management Platform that digitizes validation from end to end, enabling Life Sciences to develop and deliver therapies as efficiently as possible –without compromising quality or compliance, while standardizing best practice globally.